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Core Values

The belief that life is both material and spiritual, and human beings are united in body, mind and spirit through the invisible power known as Qi, form the basis of the Qi method.

Every human being is given the opportunity to live a physical life to grow in wisdom, love and compassion for all living beings.

The love and wisdom we grow during our lives are passed on to the next generations, which may in turn grow greater respect and gratitude for life. In this way we can ensure that life evolves both materially and spiritually.

Generally, the East has a more integral and holistic approach to life, seeing no separation between matter, spirit and the natural environment that supports all living beings. It is also believed that invisible supports visible, and in this way, the physical body is supported by the invisible mind, and all the organs and systems in the body are supported by the invisible life-force known as Qi.

The Qi method is a holistic practice to help you fulfil all the potentialities you are capable of in order to live an integrated and coherent life where all the parts are united into their original whole.