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Other Programmes Offered By Master Oh

The Qi method is a comprehensive method which seeks to help in all areas of people’s lives. Qi is the unity of the polarities of plus and minus, yin and yang, and has the ability to create and support life. When we receive Qi we can bring about positive change on all levels ­physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Master Oh offers the following services:

Family Healing

A programme based on the Eastern understanding that we are connected to our ancestors and that we inherit not only our physical body but also our physical, mental and emotional patterns. The Family Healing Programme addresses these inborn energy patterns passed down from previous generations so that we can live free from any negative influence. The results can be transformational for the individual and families as a whole.


Home / Office Energy Clearing

The energy of physical spaces can have a powerful impact on our energy system and affect the way we think and feel. By doing a Home or Office clearing we can create a brighter atmosphere in our homes and workplaces. Having clearer energy boosts productivity and promotes better health and harmony for all those that share the space.


Qi Training

The Qi Training programme is the practice of receiving Qi through specific movements, chanting and meditation. It is a good way to re­energise and strengthen the body. The classes last one hour and are offered several times a day at the Qi Wellness Centre (maybe insert link here).