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Family Healing

The Family Healing Programme addresses inborn energy patterns passed down from previous generations. Energy, unlike material things, never dies, and the information encoded in our energy system is transmitted from generation to generation.

We may be born with weaknesses in our energy system inherited from our ancestors that can have a significant impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Ancestral Healing helps to remove these blockages.

Just like the roots of a tree, which provide the nutrients for it to grow, we too are connected to our roots, which are our parents and ancestors. Their physical and emotional character are written in our bodies and minds, and may, over time, develop into physical and emotional symptoms.

The Family Healing Programme (or Ancestral Healing) addresses this crucial but not well understood aspect of human life by healing these inherited patterns, and freeing us from their influence.

Master Oh, through his long and dedicated training, has developed extraordinary sensitivity to feel the inborn energy blockages that are the underlying cause of many health issues. The Family Healing Programme can clear these inborn patterns, thus creating a stronger foundation for you and your family.

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