Recharge in mind and recharge in body

I meet many people who outwardly seem to have a lot of energy and find it difficult to slow down. They will often hear advice from friends, family and colleagues such as ‘you need to take it easy’, ‘you can’t do everything’, ‘you shouldn’t work the hours you do’, ‘you can’t solve everyone’s problems’.

Energy you can’t see

Three ways to influence Qi in your every day life

Qi is invisible, but it does exist. We probably know more about it than we think we do. For example, you can sit next to someone and immediately feel uncomfortable. You can sense tension or joy between people. You can feel calm when with people who are at ease with themselves.

Five highly effective practices for creating lasting happiness

Creating lasting happiness

When terrible things are happening around us, how do we go about create happiness that can be lasting? First we have to remind ourselves that agony and happiness come from the same place – the mind. We have to create peace in our minds for the process to start.

I have created this simple daily practice to help you create harmony in the mind.

Acceptance and how to deal with stress

A harmonious mind flows like water. If we hit an obstacle and we can’t find a natural way round it, then stress is created. In order to avoid stress, we have to first accept the obstacle.

How does Yin and Yang affect Qi (Energy)?

How does Yin and Yang affect Qi (Energy)?

The human body is a conductor of energy. We have hundreds of energy channels running through the body, delivering Qi in support of our physical, mental and spiritual functions.

Yin and yang have to be perfectly balanced but what is yin and yang?

Opening your mind leads to many benefits

Opening your mind leads to many benefits

Even though we live comfortably with many ‘things’ that are invisible and beyond scientific proof, it is still difficult to accept fully the reality of the invisible world; a world on which all life depends.

Emotional causes of blocked energy

In our last blog we explored the physical causes of energy blockages. Today we continue with understanding how the emotions that we feel are able to disrupt our natural energy flow and deplete us of our human energy – Qi.

Our emotions have a significant impact on our lives and experiences. Positive emotions such as feelings of love, joy, excitement, compassion, pride and hope are life-affirming and increase our energy levels.

Spiritual causes of blocked energy

We’ve spent the last few blogs exploring the causes of blocked energy and today we present the final blog in this mini energy series which explains more about the spiritual causes that may be blocking your energy flow.

It’s a familiar scenario that we strive for a happier and healthier life and set out to work through any emotional and physical energy blockages. However, rather disparagingly, we may still find ailments and patterns that we just cannot shift.