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The Qi Treatment

There are several pressure points in the body that can be manipulated to open up the energy pathways for Qi to flow and to introduce Qi into the body. This has the effect of stimulating the flow of energy and enhancing the body’s self-healing capacity.

Master Oh begins the treatment by placing his hands gently on your abdomen. He can feel not only where energy is blocked but also how high or low your energy reserves are.

Energy blockages can obstruct the flow of energy resulting in a deficiency of Qi, which impacts on every organ and system in the body. Over time, a deficiency of Qi can lead to illness or mental and emotional problems.

Master Oh works on your entire body, applying pressure on the main energy points to release blockages, clear toxins, and recharge your energy system with Qi. He uses a breathing technique to make a sound vibration that penetrates through the body and into the energy channels to clear the obstructions.

After treatment, Master Oh will give you an in-depth consultation addressing any problems he has identified. With his exceptional sensitivity he can identify not only physical blockages but also mental and inherited patterns that impact on the quality of your life. He can then advise you on a programme better suited to your individual needs.