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What is Qi Energy?

Qi Energy is the most fundamental element of life but also the most difficult to understand, as it does not easily translate into everyday language. We can think of Qi as the software that programs life, and we and all living beings are the hardware.

Qi is nature’s primary source of energy and the power that creates and supports life, and what keeps everything in balance and harmony. When we have sufficient Qi, we have health and vitality, but if Qi is deficient or blocked, illness may set in.

Qi is also responsible for the communication of information between cells, organs and all systems in the body. When Qi becomes blocked there is less flow of information and our health is compromised.

We are born with a finite quota of Qi Energy that should last until the end of our lives. Depending on how we live our lives the amount of Qi can be used up very quickly or last for a long time.

Generally, we are using up too much energy – energy that can’t be replaced by the food, water and air that we take into our bodies. Essentially, Qi is the battery, and food, water and air are the fuel, but if the battery is low, it doesn’t matter how much fuel we have.

We can think of the electromagnetic energy that flows through all living systems as the Western equivalent for Qi. It is known that a human body generates electromagnetism. The heart creates electrical and magnetic fields that can be measured (electrocardiogram), and the brain produces electromagnetic fields that can also be measured (electroencephalogram).

We also know that electrical and magnetic fields are created by all the tissues and organs of the human body, but the concept of Qi goes a little further, as it embraces not just the physical, but also the mental, spiritual and environmental aspects of human life.

Qi is the very source and foundation of physical, mental, spiritual and environmental health.