Energy you can’t see

Three ways to influence Qi in your every day life

Qi is invisible, but it does exist. We probably know more about it than we think we do. For example, you can sit next to someone and immediately feel uncomfortable. You can sense tension or joy between people. You can feel calm when with people who are at ease with themselves.

If you watch parents of young children, they have become more sensitive to energy. If you wake in the morning and you’re still tired without good reason, you know you’re lacking in energy. Human energy is present in every cell. But what we don’t understand so well is how to encourage this energy and avoid depleting it.

Understanding human energy

Different forms of human energy can make you feel very different. Someone near you - their energy may affect you. Someone negative in your life can often affect your own energy unless you can control how it impacts you. Negative energy you carry around with you can re-surface as anger or frustration.

Three ways to encourage and protect your energy levels

I have listed three techniques you can use every day to increase and protect your energy levels.

1. Thoughts and intention create a path for energy to follow. If you imagine something positive happening, it will invariably start to happen. The same can also go for negative thoughts. Think positive thoughts and positive energy will follow.

2. Energy centres in our body and when our energy channels become blocked, this has an affect on our health. Deep-seated negative energy channels such as anger and frustration, or even past experiences can block these channels. Our Chunsoo treatments help to unblock these channels so Qi can move freely.

3. Judging situations and people mean we are giving negative energy and also filling ourselves with negative energy. By being non-judgmental, we are helping to maintain our Qi.

Master Oh

Master Oh is a London-based energy healer and natural health practitioner with more than 25 years’ experience working with the original energy that creates life, which is Qi energy. Having himself suffered and overcome chronic issues at an early age, he has dedicated his life to sharing his healing method with the world.

He has opened Qi centres in Australia, America and Europe, and is constantly looking to help more people live free from physical, emotional and mental pain. Master Oh believes that by developing our innate good-hearted, generous and compassionate nature we can not only bring health and happiness into our lives, but also bring peace and harmony into our world.

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