How does Yin and Yang affect Qi (Energy)?

How does Yin and Yang affect Qi (Energy)?

The human body is a conductor of energy. We have hundreds of energy channels running through the body, delivering Qi in support of our physical, mental and spiritual functions.

Yin and yang have to be perfectly balanced but what is yin and yang?

Yang energy

Yang energy (positive energy) from the universe enters through the top of the head and flows downwards through the heart, gathering in the lower energy centre (tantien).

Yin energy

Yin (negative energy) from the earth and enters the body through the soles of the feet and travels up through the legs, through the kidneys, cooling the heart and then into the lower energy centre (tantien). This energy centre supports the body. It is where yin and yang meet to create Qi.

The energy centre (tantien)

The energy centre or tantien has a specific purpose.

The lower tantien controls all physical functions in the body – especially digestion, reproduction and circulation. If the lower tantien, for example, is blocked, this balance is disrupted as yang will flow up, creating excess heat – resulting in conditions like high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease and migraine. Yin then falls downwards, creating excess cold in the legs, reducing circulation.

Physical blockages occur as we ingest the wrong food or work long, stressful hours. Pollution from our environment also clogs our energy meridian system.

The middle tantien controls all mental activity, emotions and feelings. The mind is here.

The mind can create blockages. Our emotions, thoughts and feelings also interfere with energy circulation. These blockages are more subtle and therefore more difficult to open than physical blockages.

The upper tantien controls all spiritual characteristics of the human being. It is our connection with the source of life.

When the mind is clear, then Qi can flow freely and support the body.

If you find that you have any of the symptoms mentioned, you may be experiencing a mental or physical blockage. Please get in touch to arrange an assessment.

Master Oh

Master Oh is a London-based energy healer and natural health practitioner with more than 25 years’ experience working with the original energy that creates life, which is Qi energy. Having himself suffered and overcome chronic issues at an early age, he has dedicated his life to sharing his healing method with the world.

He has opened Qi centres in Australia, America and Europe, and is constantly looking to help more people live free from physical, emotional and mental pain. Master Oh believes that by developing our innate good-hearted, generous and compassionate nature we can not only bring health and happiness into our lives, but also bring peace and harmony into our world.

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