How to sleep when you are stressed

There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to sleep – especially when you feel exhausted. All you need and long for is a night of restful sleep, to give you clarity and energy as well as to help you function well at work. 

When you are stressed, you can often find yourself lying awake, worrying, making it more difficult to sleep. This in itself can become a source of stress. It feels like one is fuelling the other, however there is an underlying issue that impacts both stress and the inability to sleep. This is a shortage of energy, Qi energy.

What is Stress? 

Qi energy is your life force energy, your vital energy. It is the energy that sustains and supports all life. A shortage of Qi makes it hard to manage emotions. This is the start of stress. 

The first sign of stress is when you lack mental clarity and generally feel negative about things. When stressed, you may overthink a situation without being able to find a solution. You may find it hard to switch off as thoughts and emotions circulate around you head.

The second sign of stress is when your emotions overwhelm you. For example, you may struggle to remain calm in difficult situation. Your emotions may start to overwhelm you, such as – anger, fear, frustration, sadness, anxiety. This is a clear sign you are lacking in Qi energy. 

The third sign of stress is when you start to feel physical symptoms such as extreme tiredness, pain and other issues such as digestion. 


So how does this affect our ability to sleep?

We need Qi energy to sleep. The vibration of Qi is calm and peaceful. When we have a healthy circulation of Qi around the body we feel clam and our body can produce all the right hormones to enable sleep. Qi creates balance. 

A shortage of Qi is often the root cause of insomnia and other sleep issues.  When we are short of Qi, we feel a sense of restlessness and the inability to switch off. Our body over compensates for the lack of Qi and produces too much fire energy, making it harder for us to switch off, preventing our body from finding peace and therefore sleep. 


How do we re-energise?

First, you need to ascertain how stressed you are as this will indicate how low your Qi energy is and what the possible solutions are. Master Oh has a simple five-minute Stress Out test which will give you an idea of your energy levels, and what to do next.

Depending on your energy levels, before bedtime it is always good to practice quietening your mind. This may include a five- minute breathing meditation.

If you find meditating difficult and feel that your thoughts are over-whelming you, try Master Oh’s instant treatment which is a simple online treatment for insomnia. During this treatment you will receive vital Qi energy helping you to recharge your body and mind to prepare you for sleep. 

Try an instant treatment to help you sleep


Read Marco’s Story about overcoming chronic insomnia 

Marco’s Story

In 2000, I was working long hours and evening shifts whilst studying in London. I was really run down and as I had saved enough money I decided to give up work to concentrate wholly on my degree. In the 2/3 weeks after finishing work, I was sleeping long hours every night which my body obviously needed and then all of a sudden one night I just stopped sleeping. From then on I was unable to sleep at all during the night, not even for one hour. This would last for 3 to 4 nights in a row until I would simply collapse and pass out for a few hours. As time went by the number of nights I wasn’t sleeping increased and the pattern got worse and worse until I became someone who simply did not sleep at all and I felt like I was slowly going mad.

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