Charity Work

Master Oh believes that the best gift we can give is health and happiness, which together with material support can make a more humane and peaceful world for all. He has worked alongside many charities in the UK, as well as South Africa and India, giving energy treatments to those in need.

Master Oh is always looking to further his charitable work and welcomes any proposals from like-minded organisations.


My mission is to help people

My mission is to help people increase their capacity to give love and care to others. The principle is simple. Once people regain their own health and happiness, giving love, care and compassion to others comes naturally. This is how we heal the world. Touching one heart will help many. All humans are connected, we are all one.

Master Oh


Ways you can help

There are many ways you can be part of Master Oh’s effort to help those most in need in developing countries as well as in the UK. You can give your time and share your talent, as well as give a contribution towards the costs of running regular trips. To find out more about our opportunities to help, please send us an email.



It’s such joy to see

It’s such joy to see Master Oh’s selfless devotion to raise both the physical and spiritual energy of individuals, reminding us of the undivided connection between the two. In my daily work of helping the farmer and producers to go organic, I have identified a good synergy with Master Oh, both of us wanting to give hope and prosperity to people.

Christopher Dawson, CEO of Clearsprings Ltd.


Share your heart with others

We are grateful for any contribution you can make towards helping Master Oh improve the quality of life of those most in need, by sharing the unique vibration of Qi with others and helping them to harness the power of ‘human energy’ in a natural and sustainable way.