Energy Classes

Master Oh practices a martial arts technique called Qi Classes, which allows him to restore his energy levels, cleanse his body and deepen his connection by receiving Qi. He recommends this practice to anyone who wishes to receive energy on a regular basis as well as find peace and a deeper sense of spiritual and personal awareness. Qi classes are also the perfect practice for people suffering from low energy or any health condition - they are deeply healing. 

Qi Classes take place daily at Jung Shim centres around the world. 

A Qi Class

Qi classes teach you how to tap into your own ‘human energy’ and learn how to renew it in a sustainable way. Once the energy system is open, slow movements are used to circulate energy to all the organs and systems of the body. This energy helps us to clear toxins and negative emotions, leaving us feeling overall lighter and more positive. The class finishes with meditation, which helps us to find the stillness and clarity we need to find stillness and reflect on our lives. The true purpose of reflection, Master Oh teaches, is to grow a more loving and compassionate mind.

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Chanting class

Chanting is a regular part of Master Oh’s personal practice and he may recommend it to you as part of your healing programme. Chanting classes help you to find stillness by clearing the mind of negative thoughts and emotions. This helps you to feel calmer, happier and more peaceful. It centres your mind, supporting you to make the right decisions with an open heart.



Meditation allows to

Meditation allows you to feel your true self which is light, love and energy. This essence is holding everything we need for happiness and health.

Master Oh



Both Qi Classes and chanting classes end with meditation. Meditation is the practice to quieten your mind and connect to your heart and spirit. The original character of your spirit is clear, bright and beautiful. It is filled with love and compassion for ourselves and others. 

The ‘Saemtu’ (meditation room) is a unique place filled with Qi energy and is an ideal place for meditation. The energy calms your mind, making it easier to detach from your emotions and life-circumstances. By stepping away from your busy life and using meditation to find stillness, you are able to reflect more deeply and allow realisations and change to take place.


Jung Shim Classes online

Qi Classes and chanting classes are broadcast live for the Jung Shim centre in London and can be joined from anywhere in the world. 



When I go into the class

When I go into the class I can feel the energy around me, making my mind clear and calm and cleansing my body. It is hard to describe it as I've never felt anything like it before. It's helping my digestion and back pain, each class leaves me feeling renewed and back to myself.

Caroline Frost, London



Qi and chanting classes run on a flexible timetable at the Jung Shim centre and there are up to five classes a day. Monthly membership allows you to join any class in the centre or online, working at your own pace through the steps with the support of the energy practitioners.

  Monday to Friday Saturday
7am Qi class  
11am Chanting class Chanting class
12pm Qi class Qi class
6pm Qi class  
7pm Chanting class  
8pm Qi class