Home Energy Clearing

Having good quality energy in your home is essential for health and happiness. Clear, bright and free-flowing energy supports vitality, harmony between family members and good physical, emotional and mental health. When the energy is poor it can result in negative emotions such as depression, lack of motivation and anxiety, as well as physical symptoms such as low energy and insomnia. 

Eastern philosophy believes that the energy of a physical space stems from three different sources: the Earth energy where the home is built, the energy of the people who currently live there, and the energy of those who lived there in the past. Walls hold the history, not only in the physical sense but energetically too. 

Master Oh can sense the quality of energy in your home. He is able to feel both the Earth energy as well as pick up the energetic influences coming from those who previously lived there. Master Oh can lead a ceremony known as ‘Ka Shin Je’ to purify the negative energy and create a long-lasting clear, bright and peaceful environment.



I often felt tired and

I often felt tired and woke up feeling low. I didn’t realise it had to do with the energy. Master Oh lead a beautiful ceremony for both our flats in the UK and in Madrid. I now wake up feeling refreshed and happy. Everyone comments on how bright and peaceful it feels. It’s hard to get them to leave!

Paulina Corcuera, London