The energy in your workplace is important as it can determine the success or failure of your business, as well as the harmony between employees.

All buildings contain their own history as a result of the energetic vibration contained within them and the land they were built on. Heavy or negative energy in a building can often impair the growth of a business and affect employee health and harmony, despite every effort to improve it. When energy is strong, a business can thrive.

Master Oh can clear the negative energy affecting your workplace or business and support its growth and productivity by leading a ‘Ka Shin Je’ ceremony to purify and renew the energy of your business with Qi. This can have a direct impact on the health and work performance of yourself and your employees.

Clients have commented on changes in different areas, ranging from improved concentration levels, more effective decision-making and increased productivity. Employees themselves have noticed better relationships among each other, as well as a more uplifting and positive environment to work in.