Life is the union of spirit, mind and body. Our spirit comes from the universe, our body from our parents and they come together as one and are connected by the mind.

Death is the separation of spirit, mind and body, when our mind ceases to be the connection between the two. At this point our body goes back to the earth and our spirit and mind live on, with all the collective memories, habits, emotional attachments and desires we have created during our life.

At the time of death, the brightness of our spirit is fixed depending on how we lived our lives. Our physical body is the vehicle through which we can brighten our spirit by practising a good-hearted, generous and compassionate mind. Therefore, it is only during life that we can change the brightness of our spirit.

When our physical existence comes to an end, our spirit lives on in the invisible world and has a duty to take care of future generations on Earth. Because family members share the same genes, their vibration is very similar and it is easy to connect to each other. This is why the state of our ancestors has a constant impact on our lives.