Jung Shim’ is the original state of the Universe and our original self. It is the point and the place where life is created and to which all life returns. Jung Shim exists as original mind, which is made of the brightest light, purest love and clearest energy - Qi. This light exists within all of us and is our original nature.

Today we are affected by so much suffering and pain because we are disconnected from our original nature. This disconnection is experienced by individuals, families and society and creates negative energy within ourselves, our physical environment and the world.

When we learn to harness the power of Qi, our mind becomes clear, bright and beautiful. We have more compassion, devotion and can sacrifice more for others. Our mind starts to become more selflessly giving, like a parent’s mind, which is the mind of the Universe. With this generous, beautiful mind, we can tune to the law of the universe and understand the true purpose of our life, who we are and how we should live. We can regain our health and learn how to live together in harmony again.

Now is the time to go beyond religion, philosophy, race or conditioning. In order for us to survive as a species, we need to remove everything which is creating separation and recreate harmony. With this intention, I want to introduce the Jung Shim method to as many people as possible, and I am ready to go to any lengths in order to help people change their lives.

Master Oh