As a Qi Master and energy healer, Master Oh can help people on many different levels.

‘Human energy’, known as Qi, is the body’s vital energy, which travels around the body through a network of energy channels. According to Eastern medicine it is the natural flow of Qi which determines the state of our health and wellbeing. Over time, problems can develop with the body’s energy circulation - energy levels can drop, energy channels can be blocked or the energy itself can become toxic. This leaves the body more prone to illness or injury, and less able to recover if problems arise. 

Through his sensitive touch, Master Oh can correct the circulation of energy in the body, allowing long-term healing to take place. He can identify and shed light on the root cause of your health issues and focus his treatments on your individual needs. 

Not everyone who comes to see Master Oh is struggling with health issues or low energy. Many clients also seek him for his spiritual wisdom and guidance to help them in their lives.