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Women's Fitness

Whether it's pressing deadlines, juggling work and family or chipping away at a never-ending to do list, 40% of us feel stressed daily...

Win an Energy Treatment with Master Oh

Good Housekeeping

Modern day burnout or extreme stress is experienced by 80% of Brits at some stage of their lives, with 40% feeling it on a daily basis. Most people think that stress is due to external influences…

Understand your levels of stress with the Stress Out Test

Psychologies Magazine

Qi is the power that creates and supports life, keeping everything in balance and harmony, however the demands of modern life can be a constant drain on our qi.

Understand your stress…

An Expert Way to Kick New Year Stress

Vingt Sept

A recent survey revealed that the gen-z generation is most at risk of burnout - with almost half of all 18-24-year-olds revealing that they feel constantly exhausted and have felt burnt out at…

Don't Burn Out This Christmas

On in London

We all love the festive period, it’s full of Christmas work parties, mince pies, ample prosecco and gifts galore. However your mind and body tends to get stressed out around the holidays...

The Connection Between Stress and Qi


We talk to Qi energy healer Master Oh, and ask what is Qi, how stress affects it, and the secret to happiness... plus figure out how stressed you actually are and how to deal with it.

This is what it's like to go through energy healing


Master Oh has been practising the South Korean art of Qi Treatment for 30 years. Now you can experience it too in his London clinic. But, as one writer found out, it was a bit more brutal than…

New Season, New You - Wellness for Autumn and Beyond

Boe Magazine

New season, new you – anyone else feeling these vibes? September seems to have taken over January when it comes to making resolutions.

6 tips for a more positive life

Anything Goes Lifestyle

Master Oh shared with us 6 tips for ways in which we can have a more positive life.

Treat IBS, Bloating and Other Digestive Issues in a Natural Way

Positive Health Online

We’ve all experienced the feeling of discomfort when our digestive tract is giving us trouble. You may suffer from bloating, food intolerances, or other digestive issues such as constipation or…

Crazy Stressed? Here's the 5 Signs That It's Gotten Unhealthy


No doubt, a little bit of stress can shake you into a place where you're ticking things off your list at the speed of a former Love Island contestant doing live PAs at regional club…

Ancestral Healing: How inherited patterns from our ancestors affect our energy levels

Anything Goes Lifestyle

It is not just looks, characteristics and traits that are passed from generation to generation. As  we learned from our recent…

The Secret of Happiness

The Sinsa

Master Oh brings calmness to the city


It’s no secret that people around the world have a love-hate relationship with cities. While the hustle and bustle can fuel creativity and…

Energy Treatment with Master Oh at Sun Kyeong


"Stress and tension can cause your muscles to tighten, creating more tension in the body, which can later lead to pain, and in my case a lot of it." 

5 Signs That You're Unhealthily Stressed – and What to Do about It

Women's Health

Burnout calling your name?

No doubt, a little bit of stress can shake you into a place where you're ticking things off your list at the speed of a former Love Island contestant…

Healing the Body from the Inside: How to Harness your Qi by a Spiritual Master


What are some of the most common pitfalls of modern living?

Harnessing energy, a journey to self-healing

Anything Goes Lifestyle

According to Eastern medicine, our energy (or Qi) flows through the channels that connect our cells and organs and is a vital indicator of our true health and wellbeing. A breakdown in the…

Sleep your way to a stress-free wedding


Planning your wedding can be extremely stressful - and it’s no surprise, you’re juggling everything from flowers and photography to table planning, guest lists and everything in between. To manage…

Improve your sleep this winter with a Master Oh energy treatment

The Sinsa Mode

How an energy treatment can transform your sleep and why it will help you sleep better

Let’s face it, there are few things in life more frustrating than being unable to sleep. A night of…

The Korean Approach to Ageing

Natural Health

Famed for their immaculate, porcelain skin, the Koreans are an image of youth. Master Oh, Korean energy specialist, explains the philosophy behind this ageless nation.

The 'Chi' to Better Energy

Top Sante

The traditional Chinese concept of chi is all about the flow of energy through your body. Discover how to set yours free... 

A Guide to Harnessing Your Qi For Those That Live in the City

The Male Strom

It’s no secret that people around the world have a love-hate relationship with cities. While the hustle and bustle can fuel creativity and excitement, there’s nothing quite like a serene escape…

Top tips and tricks to harness your Qi in the city

FAB UK Magazine

There’s a popular phrase ‘start as you mean to go on’. It is so important to begin your day with the right mind, one that is positive, calm and peaceful. With this mind we are able to support the…

Top tips and tricks to harness your Qi in the city


Master Oh, a Korean energy specialist who brings Eastern healing to stressed out Westerners, has shared his top tips to harness your Qi in the city.

Qi’ (pronounced ‘chi…

The Qi to a happy life

Balance promotion

Master Oh on how to harness ‘human energy’ and the importance of clearing inherited energy patterns

Recharge yourself

Balance promotion

Helping everyone to harness the power of their own ‘human energy’

Oh so healing

S Magazine

Feeling frazzled? South Korean energy specialist Master Oh may have the solution.

Recharge your body


Hannah Lemon attempts to leave her cynicism at home when she enters Master Oh's place of energy healing.

How to stop feeling tired and boost your energy levels


For Londoners, feeling run down and perpetually tired is not a rare occurence. We work hard and we play hard and it takes its toll. 

Master Oh is an energy healer who specialises in…

How to heal your energy


Feeling run down seems to be the modern norm. Claims of ‘burn-out’ are thrown around like a badge of honour. But it really shouldn’t be like that.

If you’re tired all the time (TATT),…

Universal Law by Master Oh

The Master Shift

Now in the third millennium our hopes for health, happiness, love and peace, remain the same as throughout history. What differs is our conception of life itself and what constitutes a human being…

The Alternative: the Qi Master

The Telegraph

A visit to a so-called Qi Master may sound a rather esoteric enterprise, to say the least. But the people who file through the doors of Master Oh come with a range of far from esoteric complaints…

The Man with the Qi to a Better Life

Daily Express

When actress Rula Lenska went looking a man to change her life, the guy she found wasn’t quite what she’d had in mind. Wiry and of indeterminate age, he was as least good with his hands as well as…

Energy for Life

Women’s Fitness

Walking to my Qi technique appointment, I realised I was stressed. I recognised the symptoms – the shallow breathing, the tight feeling like heartburn in my chest – as remnants of a bad night’s…

Boiling Point – The Guardian

The Guardian

Ask anyone to keep count of the number of times they get angry in one day and my guess is the figure would head towards double digits pretty quickly. If you’re a woman with a stressful full-time…

Health and Fitness Special – Stella

Health and Fitness Special

Visit the incredible chi channeller Master Oh

Ready Racer – Elias Nicholas

Ready Racer

Elias Nicholas was living a dream life. In Austria, Elias’ work was really taking off, and his social life was even better. Snowboarding and skiing on the slopes, Elias absolutely adored sport,…

Qi Treatment Preventing Fatigue, Pain and Depression with Master Oh

The London Thing

Happy Friday everyone! This week’s beauty post is a little different to my usual type of post on skincare and makeup. I decided to look into the beauty from within using a form of energy healing…

Master Oh

Talking to Champions

Master Oh was born in South Korea and from an early age experienced chronic health problems, with much of his childhood being spent in and out of hospitals. This experience shaped his views on…

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