The thinking person’s meditation

What is the real purpose of meditation?

Emptying your mind of thought is not the purpose of meditation. The real purpose of meditation is self-reflection, which leads to self-discovery, which leads to self-realisation.

This process of self-realisation not only releases emotional blockages in the body, which are the precursors to disease, but also connects us with a deeper reality.

Mastering meditation: step 3 – expectations

I’m concluding my three-part blog series on meditation with some words of encouragement. Some people believe that meditation is exclusively reserved for the most spiritual, disciplined or mentally-focused among us. This is false, as by adopting meditation and mindfulness techniques you can manage negative thoughts relatively simply; promoting the inner peace which exists inside you.

Meditation retreat – April 27th to May 4th 2018

I’ve dedicated this blog to my forthcoming meditation retreat in South Korea.

I offer a meditation retreat every year because I passionately believe that the experience of spending a week away in this context is incredibly beneficial. I wanted to highlight some of the remarkable things that you might experience if you chose to treat yourself to this retreat.

Mastering meditation: step 2 – developing concentration

My previous blog reflected on the basic steps of starting a meditation practice. It’s very normal to struggle with a wandering mind during meditation time. Today I will talk about developing concentration. Without concentration it is impossible to meditate and a helpful technique to support concentration is to focus on the breath.

Mastering meditation: step 1

I often speak about how important daily meditation is to me. It is through meditation that we can free ourselves of our thoughts, feelings and desires and be with our true essence, which is our spirit. Our spirit exists as stillness and has a very unique vibration. It is constantly emitting invisible light, love and energy to keep ourselves healthy and happy. It is the source of wisdom, unconditional love and energy which exists within all of us.