Constant tiredness led to more serious health issues - Mel's story

Moments of extreme tiredness as well as a constant feeling of exhaustion are symptoms of low energy that can lead to chronic fatigue. This is Mel’s story which charts her struggles with chronic and post viral fatigue, the resulting depression and her quest to find a solution to put her health back on track.

This is Mel:

Time to Talk Day ~ Leon McKenzie.



How energy treatments can help with infertility - Gina's Story

Gina explains how energy treatments with Master Oh helped her become pregnant naturally

I had fallen ill through the stress of caring for my Father who had dementia, I had given so much for so long, I couldn’t give any more, I realised I had to replenish myself somehow. I had read an article in Telegraph Stella Magazine about Master Oh and felt he may be able to help.


Improve your sleeping habits with a Master Oh energy treatment - Marco's Story

Marco's Story

Marco shares his powerful story on sleep deprivation and how the Master Oh energy treatments changed his life and helped him to sleep better