Instant Treatments

To further support your emotional and physical wellbeing, Master Oh has recorded a series of instant treatments that you can receive anytime, anywhere.

Each treatment was specifically prepared to help with a particular problem and has special healing abilities. Energy exists beyond time and space, it can contain and create anything. We are essentially energy beings and problems arise when we are lacking in energy or we are disconnected from our original vibration. These treatments carry both the energy and vibration you need to recharge and reconnect with yourself and the original energy source.

The funds raised from these treatments will go directly to supporting Master Oh’s charitable projects. For more information, please visit Master Oh’s charity page.

When we don’t have enough energy, even small tasks can feel overwhelming.

Our energy system is powered by Qi energy. Constantly feeling tired is our body telling us that our Qi is low and our energy system is drained. This is often due to energy blockages, emotions and the demands of everyday life.

The energy you receive during this treatment will recharge your energy system and allow the energy to flow correctly, supporting your emotional and physical health, enabling you to feel happier and more energised.

This treatment is designed to support your digestive system. It works by delivering Qi energy and opening up the energy blockages in the stomach and bowel areas. When our energy system is blocked, we can develop digestive issues such as indigestion, bloating, acid reflux, or even IBS.

It takes time to heal the gut, but with regular energy treatments and the right diet, it is possible.

The energy you receive during this treatment will help strengthen your digestive system, giving you the support you need.

When we don’t have enough Qi energy, we feel stressed and overwhelmed. Stress creates strong emotions which block and drain our energy system.

In order to manage our stress levels, we need to recharge our body with Qi energy. When we have enough Qi, we can think clearly and deal with life’s challenges with ease.

The energy you receive during this treatment will recharge your energy system and allow the energy to flow correctly. This natural flow creates a feeling of calm and connects you with the original vibration of Qi which is full of love and positivity.

Depression is a sign of low Qi energy. We need Qi to feel happy.

When we are short of Qi, or our energy system is blocked, we can feel low, negative and lack motivation. By recharging our system and releasing energy blockages, we can regain our motivation and joy for life.

The energy you receive during this treatment will re-energised you, clear negative emotions and support your emotional wellbeing.

Insomnia can be very debilitating. We need sleep to feel well, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Low Qi energy can be the root cause of insomnia. We need to have enough Qi to have a calm mind which helps us to sleep.

During this treatment you will receive the energy you need to balance your vibration and recharge your body and mind to prepare you for sleep.