Energy Treatment

Master Oh’s Energy Treatments are a powerful combination of acupressure and sound which help to open the energy channels and improve the flow of ‘human energy’ - Qi.

Qi is responsible for the communication between all cells, organs and systems in the body. It is vital to our wellbeing, relieving physical and emotional pain, increasing vitality and enhancing the body’s self-healing capacity.

With his sensitive touch, Master Oh can feel how energy is circulating in your body and where it is blocked. He is also able to assess your energy reserves. He then works on your entire body, applying gentle acupressure on the main energy points to release blockages, clear toxins and recharge your energy system. Throughout the treatment he uses a breathing technique to make a sound vibration that transmits Qi deep into the energy channels.

After the treatment, many people experience relief from pain, stress and anxiety, as well as a new sense of calm, lightness and increased mental clarity.

A session with Master Oh

A session with Master Oh will include an energy treatment and consultation. During the consultation, Master Oh can help you to understand and resolve issues in your personal and professional life by highlighting the subconscious patterns at play and guiding you to think and act in a different way.

Master Oh is also able to pick up the influence of inherited energy patterns within your system and guide you to heal them, in order to create a stronger foundation.

Master Oh teaches you how to cultivate a ‘beautiful mind’, which he believes is the essence of life and key to happiness.


My partner and I had been

My partner and I had been trying for a baby for so long without any success. We were told because of my age our only option was IVF. Then, after just four months of seeing Master Oh, I naturally became pregnant without the use of IVF treatment. My partner and I couldn’t believe it.

Gina Anton, London




The following are the costs at Master Oh’s practice in the London Sun Kyeong centre. Prices in other countries will vary.

Initial Consultation and Energy Treatment - £180

Follow Up Consultation and Energy Treatment - £150

Course of 5 Energy Treatments - £650

Course of 10 Treatments Energy Treatments - £1100

Concessionary prices available on request.

Energy Treatments are available at:

Energy Treatments are available at:

  • Sun Kyeong centre in London
  • Sun Kyeong centre in Madrid
  • By skype or phone
  • In hospital
  • At your home or office
  • For organized groups anywhere in the world

Subject to availability.


My husband had chronic back pain

My husband had chronic back pain and even after regular visits to the chiropractor he still couldn’t walk or move properly - to the point that he could not put his own socks on. After just one treatment he was free from pain and able to walk normally again!

Clare Johnson, Sydney



What can I expect to feel after my energy treatment?

You can react to receiving energy in different ways. Many people feel recharged and energised, lighter and more clear-headed. People also tend to feel a relief of pain and greater flexibility.

Can I also feel tired after a treatment?

Yes, as the body processes the energy it has just received you may feel tired or sleepy, but this should pass. Try not to push yourself too much after the treatment and make time for your body to rest.

Could an energy treatment make me feel emotional?

Occasionally. This is a result of emotional energy blockages being released. This is a positive part of the healing process. However, please contact Master Oh’s team if you need support, as we can help this to pass more quickly.

Is it normal to experience a headache?

Although rare, you may experience a mild headache as the body clears accumulated toxins. We recommend you to drink plenty of water after your treatment to help your body clear the toxins.

If I don't feel anything after my treatment is it still working

Different people have different levels of sensitivity to energy. Some people experience a lot of physical sensations or emotional release after a treatment. Normally a person's sensitivity depends on their constitution and often someone with a robust and strong constitution will feel less. But this does not mean the treatment is not working. Rest assured that you have received a lot of Qi, which is circulating in your system and supporting your mind and body in different ways.

How long do the effects of Master Oh’s energy treatment last?

Depending on your ability to maintain and digest energy, the treatment can bring long or shorter lasting results. When Master Oh treats you he will assess the amount and regularity of treatments that you need in order to maintain good energy levels and be consistent with the healing process.

What should I do directly after the energy treatment?

You can support the detoxifying process by drinking water and avoiding caffeine and alcohol. Try to keep your mind positive and avoid stressful situations to support the flow of energy in your body. This will make the treatments more effective.

Why has Master Oh recommended a course of energy treatments?

Our body’s capacity to maintain and circulate energy is different. Every time you receive a treatment, Master Oh is able to open your energy channels further and release blockages. With every treatment he trains the energy channels to stay open for longer and hold a greater capacity of energy. Depending on how depleted and how severe your energy blockages are, Master Oh will recommend a shorter or longer course of treatments.


I was suffering

I was suffering from chronic fatigue and had given up on ever feeling better. After the first treatment with Master Oh I noticed how much lighter and energized I felt. I was extremely surprised that just one treatment had such an impact!

Siomara Jubert, London