What is stress?

A little stress can be good but too much stress can lead to serious health issues.

Most people think that stress is due to external influences, such as an overload of work, family circumstances or financial worries; but stress is really coming from within us. It is our inability to manage the thoughts and emotions that are causing our stress levels to soar. This is due to a shortage of Qi energy.

If you’re feeling stressed, worrying about how to deal with life’s challenges, or just constantly worn out with the pressures of everyday life, don’t worry.  Take the 'Stress OUT' test to access simple solutions on how to manage stress.

Take the ‘Stress OUT’ test 

3 things you didn't know about stress

Stress is the biggest drain on our energy system and the pre-curser to most illnesses

The natural and free flow of Qi energy around the body is directly linked to your thoughts and emotions

Energy levels affect your ability to deal with stress

A new solution to reduce stress

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Qi: A new solution to reduce stress

Stress no more

Stress levels and energy levels (Qi) are intrinsically linked

Qi is the most precious commodity we have and yet so many of us are unaware of it. Many of us also have a shortage of Qi - we simply don’t have the energy to cope with our thoughts and emotions and so, feel confused and overwhelmed. The consequences of which can manifest emotionally and physically.

Re-energise and discover the unique healing power of Qi.

Master Oh

Master Oh, a Qi Master from South Korea with an international client base, has spent the last 30 years helping people to replenish their Qi. This has countless benefits from instantly relieving stress, helping with sleep, clearing anxiety, alleviating pain and tension and topping up energy levels. By receiving Qi, and removing the stress factor, Master Oh enables people to reach their full potential and remain on top of their game.

Master Oh explains:

“Everything in the universe is made of energy, each with its own particular frequency and vibration.

The vibration of Qi is the most harmonious and balanced. It is our true essence and contains the vibration of love, peace and happiness. It is also the source of wisdom and of physical energy.

Take the ‘Stress OUT’ test

Stress no more

Qi in more detail

Human beings have three main energy centres. The top one is in charge of our spirit and is what allows us to make the right decisions. When we have enough Qi and this energy centre is open, our mind is clear and positive and we know what to do. When it’s closed then we feel negative and lack mental clarity so that no matter how much we overthink a situation, we can’t seem to find a solution. This is the first sign of stress.

The second energy centre is situated at the solar plexus and is responsible for our mind and emotions. When this centre is supported by Qi, our heart is open and we can share our love and embrace other people’s pain and problems. It also allows us to remain calm in difficult circumstances. When this energy centre is closed, instead of being able to give, we feel we need to receive something. This creates all the different types of emotions – anger, fear, frustration, sadness, anxiety, you name it. But what our system really needs is Qi.

If the spirit and mind energy centres are closed, they cannot support the third energy centre which lies in the abdomen below the navel and is responsible for the circulation of energy in the body and our physical health. When this is short of Qi or our system is blocked, then we feel tired and can develop pain and other physical issues. In order to open this energy centre, it is very important to open up the energy system and replenish our Qi reserves.

Stress usually begins in the mind and creates emotional turmoil and further stress which in time, starts to manifest physically. To help you gain a greater awareness of your stress levels and to offer some solutions to the problem, Master Oh has created a simple stress test to measure your stress levels with recommendations on how to overcome and reverse the symptoms of stress in your life”.

Take the ‘Stress OUT’ test 

Stress no more


Indicate on a scale of 0 – 5 if you suffer from any of the following:

Lack of focus, foggy, unclear mind
Mild neck and shoulder pain
(Stiffness or tension around neck and shoulders)
Inability to wind down
(Inability to relax at the end of the day)
Waking up tired even after a long night’s sleep
(Feeling of fatigue after sleep)
Digestive issues
Stiffness and pain throughout the body
Back pain
Low mood
Sleep issues / insomnia
Thyroid issues
Inability to carry out simple tasks
Crying for no apparent reason
Panic attacks
Feeling exhausted
Sensitivity to light and sound
Extreme reactions to food
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