A modern path, rooted in tradition, that transforms inherited energy patterns and creates the best foundation for health and wellbeing.

Ancestor healing is a profound and spiritual course to clear our karma by healing the inherited energy patterns using energy and sound. It is rooted in the ancient Eastern practice of respecting and valuing our ancestors who gave us our lives. 

There has been an increasing interest in people researching their family history to see how their lives have been shaped by previous generations. We inherit our physical features through our genetic make-up, while our energy system holds the emotional patterns, memories, pain, health problems and even addictions from our ancestors. These can be deeply imprinted and carried forward to future generations. It is not uncommon that major events or traumas in our lives have a similarity to events in our ancestors lives. This influence on us is what Eastern people call karma.

Ancestor healing allows you to clear the ancestral karma by healing the negative energy patterns transmitted from previous generations. This in turn frees you from their negative influences. Just as we inherit positive aspects from our ancestors, we also inherit negative patterns.

Many strive to live healthier and happier lives by improving their diet and increasing exercise. However, they may still suffer from low energy and other ailments. When we understand the influence of our ancestors, we can begin to understand and heal problems at their root. Ancestor healing can often be the change people are looking for to heal their karma and family patterns.