Opening your mind leads to many benefits

Opening your mind leads to many benefits

Even though we live comfortably with many ‘things’ that are invisible and beyond scientific proof, it is still difficult to accept fully the reality of the invisible world; a world on which all life depends.

Harmonious interaction with the invisible world is essential to our health and happiness, which does not depend entirely on our intellect and grandiose technological advances. It depends too on the wisdom of the heart and our ability to respect and nurture life.

Seeing beyond the material world

Life, as we see it is, has very much become physical material world and nothing else. We find it difficult to see (and do) with the heart, which means seeing what we truly are: body, mind and spirit.

For all matter in our physical world, we understand that there are three states: solid, liquid and gas. Water, for example, can be ice (solid), liquid (at room temperature) and vapour (gas). These three states can be used as an analogy to describe the human being: the body being solid, the mind liquid and the spirit gas.

In this blog, I’m going to look at the mind only.

A harmonious mind

A mind in harmony with nature is like water – it flows around things. This is a mind in harmony: it is adaptable, flexible and fluid and unaffected by stress. An interesting thought is that stress only exists in the mind.

This is the original mind before it’s been influenced by a world full of gadgets that create desires and needs. The more things we desire, the more things we need and the less flexibility the mind has.

Once the mind loses this liquid state it starts to become solid and rigid. Consequently, energy won’t flow very well through the body. Hard blockages appear in the body and the body itself becomes inflexible, rigid and solid. A solid mind creates a solid body. If energy doesn’t flow well through the channels and organs their function becomes compromised.

There are many benefits from achieving a harmonious mind:

  • It boosts immunity
  • It assists fertility
  • It lowers blood pressure and helps a healthy heart
  • It reduces psychological distress, depression, and anxiety
  • It can help relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) such as bloating, belching, diarrhoea and constipation.

If you would like to explore ways of achieving a more harmonious mind, please get in touch.

Master Oh

Master Oh is a London-based energy healer and natural health practitioner with more than 25 years’ experience working with the original energy that creates life, which is Qi energy. Having himself suffered and overcome chronic issues at an early age, he has dedicated his life to sharing his healing method with the world.

He has opened Qi centres in Australia, America and Europe, and is constantly looking to help more people live free from physical, emotional and mental pain. Master Oh believes that by developing our innate good-hearted, generous and compassionate nature we can not only bring health and happiness into our lives, but also bring peace and harmony into our world.

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